KUB Billboards
Simon Fujiwara

21 | 04 | 2017 — 07 | 01 | 2018

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Simon Fujiwara
Installationsansicht Campaign
KUB Billboards, 2017
Foto: Markus Tretter
© Simon Fujiwara, Kunsthaus Bregenz

April 20, 6 pm
Opening and
film screening of
Joanne with
Thomas D. Trummer
and Simon Fujiwara

From April, Simon Fujiwara (1982) will be curating the KUB Billboards.
The British-Japanese artist’s work can be seen as an exploration
of the increasing cultural obsession with self-presentation and
individuality that due to the influence of new technologies and
digital media are ubiquitous for his generation. In a special commission
Fujiwara has employed his former high school art teacher
and victim of tabloid nudity scandal, Joanne Salley, in presenting
a campaign that employs her image in the promotion of various
activities at the museum. Expanding on his 2016 project Joanne,
Fujiwara presents a new »face« of the Kunsthaus Bregenz. In
addition, Campaign addresses the complex and uneasy relationship
between artist and »muse«.
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