ANTONY GORMLEY Horizon Field August 2010 until April 2012
A Landscape Installation in the High Alps of Vorarlberg, Austria
Presented by Kunsthaus Bregenz
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The Kunsthaus Bregenz and the British artist Antony Gormley (born in 1950) have realised a unique project in the mountains of Vorarlberg. Horizon Field is the first art project of its kind erected in the mountains and the largest landscape intervention in Austria to date. Horizon Field consists of 100 life-size, solid cast iron figures of the human body spread over an area of 150 square kilometers in the communities of Mellau, Schoppernau, Schröcken, Warth, Mittelberg, Lech, Klösterle, and Dalaas. The work forms a horizontal line at 2,039 meters above sea level. This height has no specific metaphorical or thematic relevance in the placement of the figures. It is an altitude that is readily accessible but, at the same time, lies beyond the realm of everyday life. Some of the figures are installed in places one can hike to or ski past in the winter. Others are unapproachable though visible from certain vantage points. The works are neither representations (statues) nor symbols, but represent the place where a human being once was, and where any human being could be. Horizon Field engages the physical, perceptual, and imaginative responses of anyone coming within its relational field. Over the 2 years during which this installation is in place, the work is exposed to the elements, to different lighting conditions, and to the changing seasons, thus enabling constantly new perceptions and impressions.  
Invitation Booklet
  Antony Gormley Horizon Field
Antony Gormley, famous for his spectacular projects in archetypal natural landscapes, is realizing his latest work Horizon Field in the Bregenzerwald and Arlberg regions. Horizon Field sets up a relationship between the palpable, the perceivable and the imaginable. The work questions where the human project fits within the evolution of life on this planet and addresses the cultural, natural, and historical background of a landscape. It is above all this aspect that the authors of this catalogue–Eckhard Schneider, Martin Seel, and Beat Wyss–examine from different perspectives, positioning this unique work within the field of contemporary aesthetics. Accompanying the essays will be sweeping photographs of the landscape installation alongside images of the artist’s previous works.

Ed. Kunsthaus Bregenz
Essays by Eckhard Schneider, Martin Seel, and Beat Wyss
Foreword by Yilmaz Dziewior
Graphic design: Neil Holt,
Typographie/Layout, Cologne
Approx. 176 pages, 22.5 × 30 cm
Hardcover, cloth with dust jacket
Price: € 48

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Book edition Antony GormleyThis book edition contains both exhibition catalogues on Antony Gormley that were published by Kunsthaus Bregenz. In 2009 Antony Gormley had a major exhibition at the KUB and in 2010 his project "Horizon Field" was opened in the Alps of Vorarlberg.
These two boks come together, signed and numbered, in an exclusive slip case.

Ed. Kunsthaus Bregenz
Graphic design: Neil Holt
Slip case: 31 x 23,5 x 4 cm
Embossed linen, contains the two catalogue books "Antony Gormley" and "Horizon Field"
With essays by Antonio Damasio, Yilmaz Dziewior, Eckhard Schneider, Martin Seel, Marcus Steinweg und Beat Wyss
signed and numbered,
limited edition of 150 pieces
Price: 180 €

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