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 investigated and updated by calc and ian campbell


>> amazing expanding image! <<


by: calc und TA-Media Online for Expo.01


>> the deep sketch landscape <<


by: Mario Leimbacher


>> Potatoland is project center for american painter
turned web artist Mark Napier. <<


by: Mark Napier


>> The prolific Slovenian Net Artist. the ASCII terrorist. <<


by: vuk cosik


>> ®TMark make webs that intersect with the politics of information. they play with ideas of censorship and copyright are well known for both traditional audio projects, consumer actions, and websites like www.gwbush.com <<


by: "a group of a dozen professionals in a wide range of industries."


>> (1993-1999, final version) hypermedia version of the theatrically-distributed electronic feature "WAX or the discovery among the bees" (85:00).<<


by: David Blair

ted terbolizard

>> California digital artist creates funky shockwave for web and webperformance <<


by: ted terbolizard


>> experimental design --> pop <-- interactive web <<


by: Benbot Prototype 2.4en


>> activism hacking <<


by:Heath Bunting


>> Art.Teleportacia offers a wide range of ways to own a piece of net.art. Art.Teleportacia provides a special certification and a unique propietary system, which guarantees, that the artwork you bought is the original. <<


by: Olia Lialina: curator


>> My name is Mouchette
I am an artist
I live in Amsterdam
I am nearly 13 years old <<

this is the home of the little fly.
reincarnated from cinema.


by: Mouchette!


>> Web Art Experiments with found images and
java applets : html collages of recent gif history <<

see also:

by: Adam Franka


>> dhtml collage from NYC <<


by: Eric Rosevear


>> secretdeadmediamachinecollage.etc... <<


by: Ian Campell a.f.


>> calc onlein - ejects, projects, objects and subjects <<


by: Teresa Alonso, tOmi Scheiderbauer, Luks Brunner,
Malex Spiegel, u.v.v.a.


>> high risk / protection / art / investment run / jump / shoot and shout for the digital generation! networked communication and production. reality emigration. digital existence. releasing the edge game. <<


by: the netgang

the file room

>> The File Room is an illustrated archive on censorship which you can browse, as well as add cases to <<


by: Initiated as an artist's project by Muntadas, The File Room is produced by Randolph Street Gallery (Chicago,IL) with the support of the School of Art and Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago


>> Fluxus is the wiry, post-Dada art movement that flourished in New York and Germany in the 1950s and '60s, and influences many contemporary artists. The rest you have to figure out yourself... <<


by: Flux


>> form experiments <<


by: Alexei Shulgin, Ungarn, Hungary

/\/\ <---------------------[1]



by: http://www.jodi.org/

light on the net project

>> You can control 49 light bulbs from the Internet!! There are 49 light bulbs installed as 7x7 matrix at the hall of the building Gifu Softopia Center. You can see still video image of lights with an environments of the building SOFTOPIA in Gifu. You can draw simple figure on that by clicking that clickable map <<


by: Idea: Masaki Fujihata + Ryouko Sukegawa
Design: Masaki Fujihata
Server program: Takeshi Kawashima
Circiut design: Takeshi Kawashima + Masaki Iwata

>> - line - is about relating on-line in the mute s pace of the cyberpolis.
- line - is like walking anonymously into someone else's headspace and being allowed to fool around....intellectual, engaging, and delightful. <<


by: melinda rackham

moscow wwwart centre

>> Though we regard the word "art" quite outdated we use it in order you would not lose completely your vanishing identity and until smart people invent some appropriate notion (and word).
Moscow WWWArt Centre's aims are:
- translation of Russian underground (= mainstream) art into Internet;
- creating new and reshuffling existing contexts;
- approaching the highest possible level of art/life uncertainty;
- being on the frontier of art and everything else;
- others, unmentionable.
Moscow WWWArt Centre exists since october 1994 (started as "Hot Pictures" photogallery) exclusively because of the enthusiasm of its creators. <<


by: Alexei Shulgin, Tania Detkina, Alexander Nikolaev and Rachel Baker
>> sensorium's fundamental thematic concept is to expand the possibilities of the Internet as a tool to sense the world. sensorium members also share the common desire to make a positive contribution to the developmental process of the Internet as a form of media. The concept is best understood by experiencing the projects themselves. :-) (received the Ars Electronica Center Prix '97 Golden Nica Award for the net category) <<


by: Project Taos, of which producer Shinichi Takemura is president, is sensorium's official base.


>> synergy - collaborative art projects - SITO, at it's most basic interpretation and intention, is a place for image-makers and image-lovers to exchange ideas, collaborate and, in a loose sense of the word, meet. SITO is collection of images and information accessible mainly via INTERNET that is open for public perusal and participation. The quickest analogy drawn is that SITO is like an "art collective". Not only because it's a place to see art, but also because of it's social reverbs. People do meet "on SITO". Ideas are exchanged. <<


by: Ed Stastny, Omaha-USA 

the telegarden

>> This tele-robotic installation allows WWW users to view and interact with a remote garden filled with living plants. Members can plant, water, and monitor the progress of seedlings via the tender movements of an industrial robot arm. Internet behavior might be characterized as "hunting and gathering"; our purpose is to consider the "post-nomadic" community, where survival favors those who work together
1996-97: On Exhibit at the Ars Electronica Center <<


by: Co-directors: Ken Goldberg and Joseph Santarromana (UC Irvine)
Project team: George Bekey, Steven Gentner, Rosemary Morris, Carl Sutter, Jeff Wiegley, Erich Berger

the thing

>> art & communication international - THE THING began in 1991 as one of the first Bulletin Board System projects combining contemporary art and communication. An action that redefined the way artists made work and critics responded--not as commentary, but as dialogue. We renovated in 1995 and moved ourwares onto the web. <<

NYC: http://www.thing.net
Basel: http://www.thing.ch
Berlin: http://www.thing.de
Frankfurt: http://www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/~halbe/the_thing/
Vienna: http://www.thing.at/thing

by: (NYC) Wolfgang Staehle, Gisela Ehrenfried Max Kossatz, Ricardo Dominguez Diane Ludin, Ali Rutigliano Holger Friese, HubertGertis, u.v.v.a.
"who's afraid of blue, red and green?"

>> Ein wesentlicher formaler Faktor einzelner genannter Projekte ist die apparative Oberfläche eines Farbbildschirms (TV oder Computer), die in vertikaler Streifung in den Grundfarben Blau, Rot und Grün für den Bildaufbau verantwortlich zeichnet. Diese Oberfläche in vergrösserter Form stellt den Ausgangspunkt für die interaktive Installation "WHO'S AFRAID OF BLUE, RED AND GREEN"? im Internet dar. <<


by: Guenther Selichar und LOTart.investigation
"00:00:00: shanecooper.com"

>> alive / interFace / live / buddy** /
paths / rightNow / caption / poem /
eyeshadow / equation*
measurement / survey
installations / remotecontrol
companies / hypername.com

* / with adamfrank
** / newer javascript only <<


by: Shane Cooper >